Mozilla Firefox 1.0 final release is out

Mozilla Firefox 1.0 final release is out

Finally, the D-Day has arrived. Mozilla Foundation today released the final builds of their long awaited browser Firefox. It is available from FTP, Mirror Servers and even on Torrents. It is sure to get blogged around the world and it is sure to reignite the browser war.

So much has been written on Firefox, that it no longer needs an introduction. The preview release of the 1.0 version has already been available for a month and as per Mozilla’s estimates, it has already been downloaded 8 million times. That is a staggering number from every point of view.

The final release of Mozilla Firefox is available in 12 languages for the three of the major platforms in Windows, Linux, and MacOS. The website for the time being is hammered from all around apparently. It is inaccessible from here since morning. I myself downloaded the latest release using official torrent file downloadable from here.

This release is pretty important from various aspects. It silences the critics who said Firefox was risky to use because it was yet to get into a final release. And with Google endorsing Firefox with a opening page on their own website, and Amazon releasing their own A9’s search engine toolbar for Firefox… it just seems to be starting of a revolution that might someday help dethrone Internet Explorer from the most used browsers status.

And help make world wide web a better place to surf around…

View: Firefox 1.0 Release Notes

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