Sprint to launch Find It local search facility

Sprint to launch Find It local search facility

US based mobile service provider Sprint has said that they would be launching a new value added service for their customers providing a local directory cellphone service. This service is called ‘Find It’ and would enable the consumers to find information such as driving directions and movie times.

This is just one of the latest product offerings from the mobile company to generate more revenues from their customers and attract new ones in the already saturated American mobile market.

This service would cost the customers a meager $2.99 a month and it combines location aware phones and directory information from InfoSpace. Users would be able to search out locations without having to enter a postal code. This would enable searching from unknown regions while traveling.

They are benefited from the law, which forces them to put positioning technology in mobile phones to pinpoint the location of the user. Sprint and InfoSpace are currently not going to charge the businesses for incorporating their information in the system. Though, this can potentially become a potential source of revenue in the coming years.

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