Apple might soon offer complete films for download on iTunes

Apple might soon offer complete films for download on iTunes

Apple Computers is on a high. The company is selling record number of Apple iPods in the market and they just recently touched an impressive 1 billion song sales on the popular Apple iTunes digital music store.

Market reports now claim that the company is working on plans to offer complete films for download through their Apple iTunes store. The announcement is expected to come soon and we just might see them launching this new service this week as Apple is scheduled to hold a press conference to showcase their latest products.

Also rumored is a possible larger screen display versions of Apple iPod Video which might be launched later this week. Apple Computers were recently granted a patent on touch screen technology and the company is expected to incorporate it on their Apple iPod range of digital players.

If this news is indeed true, it would see yet another attempt from the company to continue dominating the digital content sales market in the world. The move would also represent a move forward from the company to network computing and entertainment products around the home so music and video can be wirelessly streamed from one device to another.

The company had recently started offering complete episodes of popular television series and movies just might be the next thing they might offer through Apple iTunes.

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