America Online to continue efforts for fee based mass email

America Online to continue efforts for fee based mass email

Time Warner’s internet division America Online has said that they are continuing their plans to implement fees for mass senders of e-mail. This comes despite the protests from groups representing 15 million people who claim that the companies are in a way promoting spam instead of eradicating them.

This move by AOL is being protested by Political group Civic Action, the AFL-CIO labor union and various other organizations. AOL’s new scheme would charge senders a small fee to send their messages directly to AOL users’ e-mail boxes without first passing through AOL junk mail filters.

The company claims that this would reduce spam, as the mass mailing agencies would be required to pay a fee for each mail dispatched to the AOL customers. However, the protesting parties claim that the move would cause problems for legitimate mail senders who might not be able to afford paying this fee to ensure that their mail messages reaches the desired users on AOL servers.

AOL has said that they are determined to implement this service in the next 30 days. However, this move might result in AOL Mail users defecting to other services considering not everyone seem to be pleased with it. Google for one has specifically criticized this move in public and we just might see more fans of their Gmail web mail service, which also provides free pop facility.

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