Google: Fake AntiVirus Scams are huge on the web

Google: Fake AntiVirus Scams are huge on the web

Google has released a report based on their research. The company said that fake antiviruses are becoming a major problems for users who are not technical enough to see the difference.

The company conducted a research that lasted for 13 months. Google said that they looked at 240 million web pages on the web.

Their research discovered that as many as 11,000 of the domains were involved in distributing fake anti-virus products.

Google further stated that these malware applications now constitute 15 percent of the malicious software on the Web.

The report stated: “More recent fake AV sites have evolved to use complex JavaScript to mimic the look and feel of the Windows user interface. In some cases, the fake AV detects even the operating system version running on the target machine and adjusts its interface to match.”

Fake Antiviruses are malware applications that mimics the interface of an anti-virus application. They try to lure the victim by alerting them with fake infection messages. Victims are then asked to pay up to run a scan to disinfect their machines.

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