FacebookSearch: Be very careful what you share on Facebook

FacebookSearch: Be very careful what you share on Facebook

Facebook is all over the news for privacy related issues. The social networking giant is being blamed heavily for removing features that enabled their users to hide details about their accounts from others.

FacebookSearch is one of the projects that are designed for one specific goal. Showcase what you might be revealing to the world by posting on your Facebook profile.

Facebook allows you to set privacy settings on any message that you post on the service. But few users might be smart enough to make informed choices.

FacebookSearch allows you to search public Facebook status updates for keywords. The developers have provided some interesting phrases that reveal how stupid it could be to post a public update on the network.

FacebookSearch is pretty much similar to how Twitter search engines work. But with Twitter, user has to make two choices… The entire user status page can either be public or private. Facebook on the other hand allows different settings for different messages. And sometimes you can mistakingly post a public message which was not supposed to be one!

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