Facebook Open Graph API to expand Fan Page mechanism to open web!

Facebook set to launch a new feature to expand Fan Page mechanism to open web!

Online sources are indicating that social networking giant Facebook is soon going to provide another tool-set for web developers that would enable them to bring social networking capabilities to their own websites.

Any web page could then become similar in functionality to a general Facebook Fan Page.

Visitors would be able to become fans of that page. It would show up on the user’s profile page and it would be highlighted in search results.

The report said:

The Open Graph API will allow any page on the Web to have all the features of a Facebook Page. Once implemented, developers can include a number of Facebook Widgets, like the Fan Box, or leverage any API, which enable the transformation of any Web page so it functions similar to a Facebook Page.

Facebook already provides a couple of widgets that bring social networking capabilities to third party sites. But this new feature would massively enhance the off-site services from Facebook.

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