Facebook charging as much as USD 100 to highlight a post!

Facebook charging as much as USD 100 to highlight a post!

We now have another update on the much talked about Highlight feature being tested by Facebook.

The original story stated that the company asked the user USD 2 for highlighting his post.

We now have another example with variable pricing. A user was offered to pay in the range of USD 15 and USD 100 for highlighting a post.

The difference in amount is related to how many people would get the highlighted post in their news stream. The number ranged between 5,800 and 39,000 users.

So, basically… Facebook is trying out this new revenue model where they would ask you to pay more to get your message across to more users on their network.

This gets more absurd when you read about the EdgeRank phenomenon. Facebook is known to curate your newsfeed which means that you never really get to see all the updates from all your contacts on their network.

Essentially, Facebook is charging users to ensure that their updates are delivered to all their contacts on their platform. This does not sound like a functionality of a free social network!

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