Facebook enhances Applications related Privacy settings

Facebook enhances Applications related Privacy settings

Facebook has been making news related to how they have been tinkering around with the privacy features available on their network.

The company has now introduced some new changes which are aimed to give more powers to the users with respect to the applications they have installed on their profiles.

Facebook spoke about the new features on a blog posting:

There are now granular privacy options that enable you to personalize the audience for each piece of content you share through applications. Simply select the group of people you want to share with from the drop-down menu near the lock icon on the Publisher on your home page or profile, or the prompts that appear when you share from applications or Facebook Connect websites.

These new controls give you the power to determine who sees the content you post to Facebook through any third-party application, whether it is on Facebook.com, your desktop, mobile phone, or from a Facebook Connect website or service. Seesmic, a desktop application from which you can view and update your News Feed, will soon offer extended privacy options so you can specify audiences for each update you make from the application, such as uploaded photos and status updates.

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