Experience the World of Vodafone at your fingertips with ‘MyVodafone App’

· Enjoy a holistic customer experience – seamless login, intuitive and customised interface for post-paid/prepaid and non-Vodafone customers
· Track internet usage, manage multiple accounts, activate roaming packs and so much more
· Discover the World of Vodafone at your fingertips with the always active Zumi army

Last Sunday, Ravi was feeling elated for his mother was traveling from their native town all the way to Mumbai to celebrate his Birthday. He called her to confirm if she had boarded the train and that’s when she told him in a panic stricken voice about not being able to recharge her phone amidst the hustle and bustle of traveling. His joy immediately turned into worry for she was traveling alone and without sufficient balance, would not be able to call or message in case required during a long journey. Fortunately, Ravi had the MyVodafone App on his smart phone, which became his dependable trouble shooter. Using one of its many rich features, he could easily recharge his mother’s account despite her being a subscriber in Karnataka. When he told his mother how he had done it, she blessed him and said, “tu to sheher ja ke aur bhi smart ho gaya!”

The above anecdote and several similar ones best exemplify the powerful personalised experience of customers using the MyVodafone App that can be accessed by Vodafone customers as per their convenience 24X7, free of any internet charges (in India)

Developed on a state-of-the-art platform with intuitive and customised interface, the MyVodafone App provides a personalized experience to postpaid and prepaid customers as well as non-Vodafone customers.

The MyVodafone App is everything that a customer desires – see his/her usage, plan details, pay bills, buy recharges and bonus cards, get best offers, access their M-Pesa account, recharge/pay bills for friends and family and so much more, giving him/her the power to manage their Vodafone number with their fingertips!

Easy to navigate with options suggesting next steps, its in-built smart analytics provides a detailed understanding to each customer about his/her usage of the pack/plan on real time basis, manage multiple accounts, track bill payments and recharges, subscribe to new products and services and make MNP requests. Users are also prompted a choice of best pack and plan options basis their past usage trend.

Speaking about the feature rich MyVodafone App, Kavita Nair – National Head – Retail and Digital, Vodafone India said, “Customers are gaining comfort with apps and are using them to shop, subscribe to services and access news/information. Keeping these evolving needs of customers in mind, the MyVodafone App is designed to provide them at their fingertips, a personalised interface of everything that is Vodafone. From accessing their services to managing their accounts or transacting or even getting their problems resolved, the app is a manifestation of Vodafone, on the smartphone.“

High Decibel Marketing Campaign

The popular army of mini ZooZoos, Zumi Army, is back to help customers discover the World of Vodafone at your fingertips with the MyVodafone App. An energetic and spirited television campaign, supported by rich presence on social media, prominent and a series of on-ground activations will communicate the app’s various features and benefits.

Speaking about the theme of this marketing campaign, Siddharth Banerjee, National Head – Brand Communication & Insights, Vodafone India, said “The new MyVodafone App campaign aims at citing feature-led benefits of adopting and using the app, thereby driving home the key point that one can avail of Vodafone services, now on one’s phone. Accordingly a 360 campaign has been designed that clearly establishes MyVodafone App as a one-stop shop for all Vodafone related services. The much loved Zumi army will engage with customers through different mediums, showcasing key features of the all new MyVodafone App.”

CREDIT: Team Ogilvy

The MyVodafone App is available to all Android users and is free to download from Google Play. The app will be made available for other user interphases sequentially.

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