Everpix goes into public beta

Everpix has announced the launch of their public beta. The service has been operating in private testing until now.

The public beta comes with tons of new updates and the company requires all the existing users to connect their accounts with third party services once again.

Everpix goes into public beta

Here is the complete description:

Everpix Infrastructure
Redesigned server back end for increased performance
Improved color accuracy of imported photos
Automatically reconcile duplicates on import and merge the corresponding metadata (no need to use Assisted Curating anymore for this)
Improved photo timestamp detection
Improved preview and thumbnail quality
Photos are now imported in high-resolution from Picasa Web
Optimized publishing of photos to Twitter

Web Interface
Completely redesigned website landing page
Added menu to navigate directly to a specific year (click on year label)
Redesigned synchronized accounts panel (choose “Manage Connections” from Gear menu)
Publish photos or moments by email (photos are embedded into the email)
Option to connect to Facebook without syncing photos (i.e. for sharing & publishing only)

Mac Uploader
Partial support for Picasa Mac (only non-edited versions of photos are imported)
Prompt to delete corresponding photos from Everpix when removing a photo source
New preferences window to control automatic launch on login and Growl notifications
Warn user if Aperture or Lightroom settings are incompatible
Doesn’t re-compress photos below 2K resolution anymore

iOS Application
Your entire photo collection is now mirrored locally on your device for breezing fast access, even offline (accessing high-resolution photos might still require an Internet connection)
Jump directly to a given year of your collection (list button in upper-left corner)
Near instantaneous publishing of single photos or entire moments to Facebook and Twitter (since the photos are already in the cloud, no upload required)
Now works in portrait or landscape
Currently in review and very soon available on the App Store

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