China to promote their own EVD format

China causes more confusion with plans of their own DVD format

This might be bad news for the end consumer as they are already facing the battle between the Blu-Ray and HD DVD camps. Toshiba is already in a way with Sony over deciding the next generation DVD standard with higher capacities and better technology. And China might just make things more complicated as they are said to be developing their own DVD standard to compete with these for the next generation data-storage requirements.

The country plans to develop their own format to break the monopoly of these multinationals, which charges a premium for their patents and licensing fees to develop products compatible with their standards. The Chinese official Xinhua News Agency said the new standard would be based on but incompatible with HD DVD. This standard is being developed by Toshiba and is supported by Microsoft and Intel.

However, it might take too long for them to be out with EVD format originally announced back in 1999. Their estimates put the launch date of the format in 2008 while both Blu-Ray and HD DVD are expected to be out in the market sometime next year. EVD is said to provide features like higher definition, better sound, and better anti-piracy measures.

The country might be at an advantage due to their manufacturing muscle to play by its own terms in the home video market. They are home to majority of the manufacturing units for the multinationals and have a dominating stand in the video market. Considering it would be their own format, they can play the price point, which would lure the consumer into preferring their format instead of the pricey options provided by the other multinationals.

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