Ford Motor showcases Escape Hybrid E85

Ford Motor showcases Escape Hybrid E85

Ford Motors is the America’s second largest automobile maker after General Motors. However, last couple of years have been bad for the company, as they have suffered from the growing competition from the Japanese companies like Honda and Toyota. In addition, rising fuel prices have also not helped the company, which relied heavily on sales of their big fuel guzzling trucks.

However, times have changed and people are more interested in buying reliable and fuel efficient cars. This led to Ford losing their market share in their home market and the company made huge losses in the last couple of years. So much so, that the company had to announce a big restructuring plan which includes massive layoffs and closure of multiple plants.

Nevertheless, not everything is going wrong for the company as they also displayed some of the upcoming technologies, they would be investing in, in the coming times to lure back customers to Ford showrooms. Ford introduced a new hybrid research vehicle to show its prospective customers on what they can expect in the coming years from their showrooms.

Escape Hybrid E85

This new model was Escape Hybrid E85, which the company is showcasing at the Washington Auto Show. Ford claims that this is the first hybrid capable of operating on blends of fuel containing up to 85 percent ethanol. Anne Stevens, Ford’s chief operating officer for the Americas added: “This innovative research program could lead to breakthroughs to significantly reduce our nation’s dependence on imported oil while also helping to address global climate change.”

Ford now plans to promote the blended fuel hybrid nationally to try to generate consumer interest in alternative fuels.

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