Emblaze launches technology to provide free email on mobiles and PDAs

Emblaze launches technology to provide free email on mobiles and PDAs

Israel based tech firm Emblaze has launched a new service which would enable consumers to access email on their Mobile Phones, Palm Pilots and Pocket PC devices. This is a functionality, which has made RIM’s Blackberry device a hit amongst corporate users.

The company said that they are targeting this service at “executives that do not have or cannot afford a Blackberry, students, moms and dads, (and) friends”. Emblaze has provided details on this service on a new website Emoze.com.

However, their targeted market is aimed at not-so-high-paying regular users of the mobile platform. Blackberry users on the other hand are business and corporate executives who want to stay connected to their company’s network while on the move.

Eli Reifman, chief executive of Emblaze spoke about this new service: “Blackberry is a phenomenal company, and they have a niche – executives. Our product is not limited to the specific devices of a Blackberry. It’s much more flexible and it’s free.”

The company is for now supporting a limited number of mobile products in the market including some models from Nokia, Samsung, and Motorola. However, all Microsoft Pocket PC technology based models are supported.

Emblaze plans to extend this support to more than 80 percent of phones as well as most Palm Pilots in the coming months.

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