EffectiveBrand helps BlogSearchEngine.com increase web traffic

EffectiveBrand helps BlogSearchEngine.com increase web traffic

Blogs are hot these days. However, finding interesting Blogs online can be a daunting task. Google is filled with ad-Blogs, which are nothing but useless spammed Blogs. Blog directories and specialized Blog search engines come handy in these cases. One such excellent example is BlogSearchEngine.com. The premier search engine for Blog entry results recently announced that they have gained a 10% search hits after launching a customized search toolbar using a free service provided by EffectiveBrand.

BlogSearchEngine.com says their Blog Search Toolbar has attributed to a jump in searches. The admin of the popular website Loren Baker told the media: “Using EffectiveBrand, we created our toolbar in less than 10 minutes, placed an image and link to download it on our site and then downloads started almost instantaneously. Since distributing over 700 Blog Search toolbars to our users, we have seen an increase of over 10% in total searches, more traffic, and branding, and an increase in overall revenue.”

Browser toolbars let users get personalized news updates and RSS syndicated feeds from the browser itself without visiting the actual site. EffectiveBrand makes that easy by providing the service for free. They even host the resultant toolbar for free for the web developers. Effective Brand’s CEO, Ronen Shilo had this to say about their success with BlogSearchEngine.com: “The incorporation of Effective Results in the Blog Search Toolbar has increased user’s satisfaction as it complements the Blog Search Engine by suggesting related links and resources”.

TechWhack posted a review of EffectiveBrand sometime back. Get your own toolbar at their website!

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