Computer Glitch mars UK Govt. Agency

Computer Glitch mars UK Govt. Agency

80% of the computers deployed in the Department for Work & Pensions in the United Kingdom went down earlier this week after a small upgrade went awry. Electronic Data Systems Corporations is being blamed for this screw-up considering they handle 54 percent of the U.K. government’s information technology business with contracts worth 4.5 billion pounds. They also happen to the world’s second-largest seller of computer services.

The problem occurred when during a routine update, a piece of Microsoft software was uploaded to the department system. It did not work as expected and the system went down. This was the second time in this month alone that EDS were blamed for their computer operations in the country. Even Prime Minister Tony Blair on Nov. 17 said that these glitches were unacceptable.

There were no comments from the concerned authority. They blamed their silence on an agreement clause they have with the Department for Work & Pensions. Microsoft on the other hand said that the problem was now fixed and they are enquiring on what went wrong in the upgrade causing the crisis.

Department for Work & Pensions deals with child support, unemployment and pension benefits in the United Kingdom.

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