eBay to further reveal Skype integrated modules

eBay to further reveal Skype integrated modules

When ecommerce giants eBay acquired Skype for big bucks, many market analysts were not very sure on what the company had in mind. However, we might get a better idea tomorrow as eBay is set to reveal a couple of points on how they plan to integrate Skype functionalities on their network.

John Donahoe, president of eBay’s Marketplace unit confirmed this while he was speaking to software developers at the company’s annual developer conference in Las Vegas.

Experts believe that the company would now advice the sellers to incorporate Skype calling links into auction pages to enable chat with prospective buyers. The ‘Click to call’ feature would make it easier for the two parties to interact with each other before making a deal.

This can be very helpful in deals involving high cost products like cars, jewellery and real estate. The company has already confirmed that they have been testing Skype integration with eBay in five smaller country markets in Asia and Europe.

In other news, eBay is also due to launch a new service called eBay AdContext that would enable eBay users to put content relevant ad modules on their websites. This would be pretty similar to Google Adwords technology but would only cater to eBay pages.

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