eBay has good news for sellers in China

eBay has good news for sellers in China

Just days after eBay increased their charges for online transactions for their customers in the US market; the company announced some great news for their customers in China. The ecommerce giant eBay would no longer be charging transaction fees on their online bidding store based in China. This is to compete effectively against the local competitors, which are providing similar services for free as well.

The company updated this information on their Chinese portal saying that the transaction charges are no longer applicable. However, they are still planning to continue charging a small amount from the sellers for listing products on the site’s web space and for “feature” products.

eBay is also now making it mandatory for the sellers to provide authorized online payment mechanisms to improve its credit environment. As a result, the company will not receive any kind of payment from the seller until the time the product is delivered to the buyer and he is satisfied with the entire transaction.

This new offer from the company goes on to show the level of competition US companies faces in the ever-growing market of China. eBay faces a lot of competition from local giants Alibaba.com that provides similar services without levying any charges on transaction of goods. The company is supported by US based search engine giants Yahoo! and is working hard on tackling competitors both locally and US based.

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