eBay Express: eBay to offer instant buying services

eBay Express: eBay to offer instant buying services

One of the world’s largest ecommerce service eBay has now plans to offer traditional way of purchasing goods from their online store. The company said in a statement that they plan to offer an instant-purchase service to supplement its regular bidding procedure to acquire goods. This would place eBay in direct competition to regular online stores like Amazon and many others.

Bill Cobb, president of eBay North America stated that this new service would be called eBay Express and it would help them expand the range of commodities available on their online store. The company also announced the new rates for listing items on eBay.com for their American customers.

eBay has raised the fees it charges in the United States for listing items on ebay.com by around 9%. This would be applicable on items priced between $25 and $975 in value. However, they added that they would be cutting prices on low-priced items and other seller features. Similar hikes in charges in the past have been criticized by the users of their services. However, eBay claims that business has grown and the latest hikes are lower than those applied last year.

eBay Express would enable the visitors to their online stores to select multiple items and pay for them together without wasting time on bidding for them.

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