Microprocessor with 2 heads to take charge in 2005

Microprocessor with 2 heads to take charge in 2005

Computer Chip makers have long been improving the speeds and power of the microprocessors by increasing the number of smaller transistors. In fact, the sizes of these small transistors have taken a dive. Companies are now implementing some transistor components getting as thin as a few atoms across.

However, they seem to have changed their strategies now. 2005 will see many of these companies to adopt a similar plan of selling personal computers with microprocessors with two heads. Now instead of developing complicated processors, they would place two engines on the same chip. This would lead to less power consuming devices, which would not be as fast but would be able to do more work at one time.

Intel plans to start shipping these processors for desktops and servers in the later half of next year. While, AMD would start with Servers first and later bring them to desktop computers. The technology however is not new as Apple and other vendors have been doing this for many years now and with success. Now PCs would see this technology coming to the regular consumer.

IBM is already working on such a chip in collaboration with Sony and Toshiba. A version of this chip would come with PlayStation 3. This processor nicknamed Cell would start shipping in 2006 for HDTVs, advanced servers and maybe other gaming devices.

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