AMD launches dual-core mobile Turion processors

AMD launches dual-core mobile Turion processors

Advanced Micro Devices has finally launched a dual-core version of its mobile Turion chip. With this, we finally have AMD branded dual-core technology chips for mobile computers.

In addition, AMD is also now shipping a mobile Sempron chip with 64-bit functionality. The company is also launching a “whitebook” logo program for their consumers to ensure them that the systems powered by these processors have met AMD’s standards of quality.

The new processors from the AMD’s new AMD Turion 64 X2 models will come in speeds from 1.6 to 2.0 GHz. There are four chips on offer: the 1.6-GHz TL-50, the 1.6-GHz TL-52, the 1.8-GHz TL-56 and the 2.0-GHz TL-60. Not many details were made available on the new Sempron processors.

Sempron is expected to remain a single core product and the new dual core Turion is now more differentiated from their younger siblings. AMD will slowly end up making the single core processors in the Turion range.

The new Turion X2 processors also come with improved power management, support for AMD’s Digital Media Xpress instructions, an integrated DDR-2 memory controller, and a new processor package.

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