dlvr.it: Easiest way to push your blog content to social networks

dlvr.it: Easiest way to deliver your blog to social networks

We are big fans of dlvr.it at TechWhack. We use it to push our posts to various social networks. It has worked great for us and we recommend it highly.

The service is capable of pushing updates from an RSS feed to several channels. They currently support:

Google Buzz
and more…

We started using it because the support for Facebook is pretty neat. The service works as intended and there are a lot of features on offer.

Two of the amazing features that we like:

Content delivery schedules: It can actually delay the delivery of content to the time of your liking!
Trickle: This feature ensures that an active RSS feed is delivered safely. dlvr.it would keep on pushing all the older updates no matter how many new posts have been added to the RSS feed.

Checkout: dlvr.it

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