Disney-Pixar deal could benefit Apple

Disney-Pixar deal could benefit Apple

Disney recently announced their decision to acquire animated movies studio Pixar. The move is now expected to benefit Apple Computers as well considering Steve Jobs would become one of the board members at Disney and a major stockholder in the combined entity.

The benefits to Apple Computers from the deal between Pixar and Disney are many. Disney could now provide more content to Apple iTunes, which would mean more sales for both Apple and Disney. Also, Steve Jobs can use Disney to market Apple’s products in a way only he can envision.

Disney was one of the first companies to support the Apple iTunes Video program when it started providing content from their popular Television series like ‘Desperate Housewives’ and ‘Lost’. Recently Disney’s ESPN also decided to provide content from their channels on sale on the Apple iTunes for play on the iPod Video range of digital players.

And as the technology improves, we might even see Apple iTunes selling full DVD versions of the Disney and Pixar movies. There is a lot of potential for all the parties involved in this deal and Steve Jobs is the man well equipped to make the best out of it all.

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