Disney Channel to offer some shows online

Disney Channel to offer some shows online

It looks like more and more media companies are being lured into getting into the business of providing digital content on the net. Disney Channel is the latest entrant in this market and they have announced their plans to offer full episodes of some of its popular shows online later this year.

These shows would be provided online at http://www.DisneyChannel.com and http://www.Jetix.tv. Some of the shows Disney is planning to put online are from episodes of “That’s So Raven”, “The Suite Life of Zack & Cody” and “Kim Possible”.

Disney would be providing both low-end and broadband versions and the move would be financed by running ads on these websites. They also have plans to offer bonus material from Disney Channel movies plus music videos on this new service.

The Disney ABC Kids Networks is also chipping in with 11 new series, 849 new episodes, and 25 new movies for this new initiative taken by the company.

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