Discovery scheduled to land on earth today

Discovery scheduled to land on earth today

The day has finally arrived when the Discovery Space Shuttle returns back to planet earth from its mission to the International Space Station. The crew on the Space Shuttle has two chances today to attempt to land. It would be making its landing at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida later today. The information was reported by the space agency NASA on their website today.

The crew is headed by Commander Eileen Collins and they began their journey back to home on August 8. They stayed on the ISS for 9 days in what is the first Space Shuttle mission in around 3 years. NASA grounded the Space Shuttle crew after the Columbia Shuttle disaster in 2003, which led to death of the entire crew onboard.

NASA also had similar security problems with the Discovery Shuttle and some repair work had to be carried out by the astronauts on the International Space Station. National Aeronautics and Space Administration said in its latest mission update: “Weather forecasters predict favorable conditions with good visibility and only a slight chance of showers over the water in the vicinity of the three-mile-long landing strip”.

The first opportunity to try to make a landing today would come at around 4:47 a.m., New York time this morning. If there are some problems, which result in delay, Discovery can make another try at around 6:22 a.m. NASA declared Discovery safe to return to earth after repairs were made to the underbelly of the spacecraft.

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