Digsby updated with Windows 7 support

Digsby updated with Windows 7 support

The developers behind the Digsby instant messaging application have released a new version.

This version is optimized for Windows 7 operating system with support for the new capabilities.

New features:

# Windows 7 Support: Digsby takes advantage of jump lists for easy access to common tasks and top buddies. We also use taskbar grouping to let you jump to conversations, see typing notifications and unread conversation counts.
# New Skins: The “Windows 7” skin now has 8 new user-created variants.
# Trending News: We’ve partnered with OneRiot to bring the latest trending news stories to your social feeds.
# Facebook Dislike: We’re amazed by how many people wanted to “Dislike” Facebook posts. The “Dislike Button” Facebook page has over 3.2 million fans! Now, Digsby users can Like or Dislike newsfeed posts for all to see.
# Twitter Auto-Complete: Added auto-complete support to Twitter when you type “@” or “d”
# MySpace Newsfeed: We’ve revamped the MySpace newsfeed to support their new APIs so it looks a lot more like the Facebook/Twitter feeds including the ability to comment on statuses.

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