Digg cuts their workforce by around 10%

Digg cuts their workforce by around 10%

Kevin Rose has confirmed in a blog post that he has decided to cut the workforce at Digg.com by around 10%.

He stated in a mail sent to company employees:

This morning we faced the difficult task of reducing our team by about 10%. This was an emotional and rough morning for everyone involved. Laying off dedicated and hard working individuals is extremely difficult, but we tried our best to treat everyone with the utmost respect and support. I hope all of you will join me in the effort to assist all of those affected, be it as a reference or a referring source and most importantly, as a friend.

There is no doubt that Digg is going through a tough time. The service operates on user submissions which is not helping them staying up to date with the breaking news. A major update is expected to arrive in the near future which is likely to turn Digg into something similar to TweetMeme. Content from popular sites would be automatically syndicated so that the stories on the homepage are relevant to the latest happenings around the world.

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