Digg reveals about their new upcoming update

Digg reveals about their new upcoming update

Digg CEO Jay Adelson talked about the upcoming major update to the popular social bookmarking service.

The company is set to launch this new edition of Digg in the coming weeks. The changes are major and this would totally change how Digg works.

Digg has decided to totally change their backend engine. Some of the rumored new features include personalized homepages for members, unlimited topics and so on.

A major change that is planned is to allow web publishers to auto submit their content through RSS feeds for the community to vote on.

This is a major change in policy for the company as Digg generally does not like users to submit their own content.

This is going to change the way new content appears on the Digg network. A lot more updated content would be available for digging. Power users would no longer be as dominant and well, it would become a lot like TweetMeme and TechMeme.

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