Dell to manufacture in India!

Dell to manufacture in India!

Dell is the world’s largest personal computer manufacturer and the latest news is that the company is planning to setup a manufacturing base here in India. This interesting news was disclosed by the Indian commerce minister Kamal Nath after he had a discussion with the chief of Dell, Michael Dell.

This deal also showcases that the western world no longer sees India as just a BPO hub and would also consider investing here to setup manufacturing bases. Nath added that the government plans to highlight India as more than just a BPO. The plan is to showcase India has an Engineering Process Outsourcing (EPO) and Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) center in the coming times.

Nath also added that India has a huge manufacturing sector as well and many international companies can benefit basing their manufacturing units here in India. In addition, India is a democratic country with a stable government and in the last couple of years shown a robust across-the-line commitment to reforms. This makes it an idle place to invest.

Nath said in a statement: “Our attractiveness as a manufacturing centre is not much less. We have been experiencing a consistent industrial growth of 12% for past few years, and this trend will accelerate. India has a latent opportunity in capturing potential markets through value addition in fields like engineering goods, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and biotech, also fashion, lifestyle products and leather goods.’’

He added: “Experience shows that every new job in manufacturing helps create 3 in the services sector. While we speak of our target to create 5 million jobs in the manufacturing sector, we are striving to create a total of 20 million jobs.’’

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