Dell to upgrade its PowerEdge series

Dell to upgrade its PowerEdge series

World’s largest seller of personal computers Dell has announced that they are due to ship an upgrade to its line of server computers. The aim is to take away market share from other big players in the field including Hewlett Packard.

These new systems in the PowerEdge series would make it easier for the users to install and manage the server software. Brad Anderson, Dell’s senior vice president added that these new products are more capable than ever and offered uniformity across systems to make it easier for the network administrators to manage them.

He said: “We’re doing all the things you wouldn’t think of Dell as doing. We’re making it easy to manage the chaos.” Dell trails HP in this market and is planning to make up for the lost opportunity. IBM is the third biggest player in this market.

These new products come after Kevin B Rollins, Dell’s chief executive had said in a statement to the market analysts that the company would be spending $100 million to “regain customer experience leadership”. He was obviously referring to the reports claiming that Dell’s customer service was lagging and driving away customers.

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