Dell moves closer to possible AMD based PCs

Dell moves closer to possible AMD based PCs

Market experts are surprised that Intel preferred Apple to Dell to launch PCs (or Macs we should say) powered by their dual core processors. Apple iMac and MacBook Pro are already launched in the market with these Intel Yonah based processors while the consumers would have to wait for sometime to get their Dell machines based on similar processors.

Dell seems to have noticed this and have hinted that they might be closer than ever to launch PCs based on AMD machines. Dell’s Chief Executive Kevin Rollins has said in a statement that the company is now open to selling computers that run on AMD chips. They are currently exclusively selling PCs running on Intel microprocessors and market analysts believe that Intel gives them cash benefits for this exclusivity.

Dell’s Chief Executive Kevin Rollins added that the company was open to changing their policies based on demands from their consumers. He said in a statement: “We want the very best technology for our customers.” Market analysts also believe that the demand for AMD powered machines in the market is such that Dell might find it hard to ignore any longer. They recently started selling AMD processors on their website though no computers running the same are currently available from the company.

It would be interesting to see how the relationship between Intel and Apple affects the relationship between Dell and the processor giants in the coming days.

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