Dell collaborates with Google over customized services

Dell collaborates with Google over customized services

World’s largest maker of personal computers Dell has reportedly gone into collaboration with the search engine giants Google. The company is beginning this partnership by pre-installing certain Google applications including Google Search on some models of PCs currently being shipped through their stores.

In addition, Google also seems to be hosting a customized Dell store on their website, which can be personalized using your Google account. However, none of the two companies has commented on what they are doing together and what the customers of Dell or Google can expect in the coming days.

However, collaborating with Dell would give Google a strong partner to face the increasing competition posed by software industry giants Microsoft. By preloading Google Search applications on Dell PCs, they are ensuring that a lot of new users would be using the Google’s services instead of MSN ones.

This becomes even more important as Microsoft is planning to launch Windows Vista later this year with better-integrated MSN Search in the operating system itself. Dell might be able to help Google with loading their tools on the Vista loaded PCs later this year. And with Dell being the largest seller of PCs in the United States, Google just might have hit a jackpot.

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