Dell to stop making higher end digital music players

Dell to stop making higher end digital music players

World’s largest maker of personal computers Dell has announced that they are no longer interested in making higher end digital music players. The company has now stop manufacturing three Digital Jukebox players, which cost between USD 200-300 in the retail market.

However, they would continue to manufacture and sell the recently launched DJ Ditty, which retails for a price of USD 99. Looks like we now have another biggie suffering from the Apple iPod effect. We have already seen many companies suffering at the hand of massive popularity of the Apple’s range of digital music players and now Dell has joined that list.

Dell entered this segment in 2003 with the aim of taking the initiative away from Apple computers but has more or less failed to match the marketing tactics of the Macintosh maker. As a result, the company would no longer be making the hard drive based digital music players.

Apple iPod accounted for 69 percent of all music players sold from January through November in the U.S. last year and that is a phenomenal statistic by any standards. Dell representative Liem Nguyen said in a statement on this event: “We saw an opportunity to streamline and consolidate our portfolio. We made a decision to transition from the hard-drive products to flash players at the beginning of this year.”

However, the company would continue to sell products from other manufacturers including the players from Creative.

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