Dell collaborates with Vodafone over HSDPA enabled Laptops

Dell collaborates with Vodafone over HSDPA enabled Laptops

World’s largest maker of computers Dell has gone into collaboration with the mobile services giants Vodafone. Dell would now be selling HSDPA equipped laptops in the market served by Vodafone. These laptops are expected to be available in UK, France, and Germany within the next six months.

HSDPA is a new technology designed to supplant 3G and is designed to provide up to four times the performance currently offered by 3G. This deal between the two tech giants is one of the firsts of its kind based on expanding the availability of hardware supporting HSDPA standard.

Dell has now plans to start offering notebook computers with optional, integrated HSDPA capability that will be backwards compatible with 3G and GPRS phones. Jeff Kimbell, director of business marketing at Dell said in a statement on these new plans: “Dell’s collaboration with Vodafone demonstrates Dell’s on-going strategy to deliver innovative technology solutions to market to meet our customers’ requirements”.

He further added: “With Dell and Vodafone working together, customers can benefit from built-in, easy-to-use technology which provides access to the 3G wireless network deployed broadly worldwide.” They have also signed on similar deals with Verizon and Cingular to market products in their domestic market of USA.

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