Delhi Traffic Police joins Twitter and Facebook!

Delhi Traffic Police joins Twitter and Facebook!

Delhi Traffic police is the latest to join the social networking craze.

They have opened up official accounts on both Twitter and Facebook.

These platforms would be used to deliver real time updates to interested travelers in the city.

Delhi Traffic Police spoke about this new initiative:

People have started communicating with the traffic police through Facebook and Twitter in bulk.

Through Facebook, we provide information about new plans, initiatives and challenges, and also make the users aware about the traffic situation in the city. Besides, we seek suggestions, reactions and views from responsible citizens of Delhi.

Through Twitter, we update them about events, processions, rallies, road congestion, accidents etc. The management of traffic in Delhi during the forthcoming Commonwealth Games is a big challenge as well as a great opportunity.

We cannot succeed without the active participation and co-operation of all road users in Delhi. We have created these e-platforms in a bid to ensure better traffic management during the Games. However, we will continue the e-service even after the games.

Checkout: Delhi Traffic Police on Facebook
Checkout: @dtptraffic

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