Dead Union – The Most Anticipated FPS Game in 2015

Dead Union is a 3D free-to-play first person shooting game, which is planned to release in August! Dead Union will provide you with a brand new and creative gaming experience. Picture a hardcore 3D shooting game with strategy gameplay — build up your base and deploy zombies at your beck and call!

There are numerous reasons illustrate why we should expect Dead Union. We will show you the top three ones which make Dead Union extraordinary.

—More Than Shooting
We have seen a lot of FPS Games, most of their core purpose is to shoot the enemies. Well, Dead Union is going to bring you a new and creative playing method – Shooting & Tower Defense. Basically, Dead Union is a hardcore 3D shooting game with strategy gameplay. While in this game, you can enjoy not only the intense shooting pleasure but also the strategy tower defense.

— Be the Lord of the Dead Army
Dead Union has a perfectly explanation regarding one famous phrase “No permanent enemies, no permanent friends, only permanent interests.” Have you ever thought that your best friend may turn out to be a horrible zombie next second? Or maybe a horrible zombie may become one of your legion members someday? In Dead Union, everything is possible, terminate all the walking dead, take revenge for your close friends, or command a dead army to protect our precarious home. Cooperate or extinct, it’s all up to you.

— Vicious Zombies with Mysterious Skills
“What will happen if a doctor dies?-He will become a dead doctor.” Yep, in Dead Union, it’s a real dead world. The zombies will remain all of their own skills as they were alive. So take care! Each helpful point may turn vice verse and give you a fatal hit.

With these exciting gaming elements, Dead Union is well deserved expecting, and it’s a game that is worth trying during this vacation! More surprises are waiting for your discovery.

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