Dashwire shutting down their servers later this month

Dashwire used to be a popular cloud based service for the owners of Windows Mobile 6 based smartphones.

The service is no longer used by current generation phones. The company was acquired by HTC and their technologies formed the base for their HTC Sense platform. Dashwire has now announced that they are shutting down their old servers on February 15.

Users with data stored on their servers have around 10 days to download their data.

The problem is that they have not taken any steps to make it easy for you to bulk download your data in simple steps. The process for backing up different items is rather complicated.

Dashwire shutting down their servers later this month

The company said in a note to the users of the service:

Several years ago, we transitioned away from actively investing in the Dashwire solution, and instead refocused our efforts on launching products and services with some of the biggest providers in the mobile industry. The Dashwire solution remained running, and some of you have continued to use the service.

Today we are announcing that we will finally be shutting down the Dashwire service effective February 15, 2012. In the event you want to visit the site and download any of your old media items that were uploaded from your phone, please visit the site by February 15th. We will be shutting down the servers, and erasing all user data.

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