Cosmos 1 set for launch

Cosmos 1 set for launch

A US based non-profit group The Planetary Society would be going ahead with their plans to launch the world’s first solar sail spacecraft today. It would be launching from a submerged Russian submarine in the Barents Sea and carried into orbit by a converted intercontinental ballistic missile.

It would be orbiting the planet earth at a height of around 500 miles and then move towards the outer space by solar sailing. Solar sailing involves using the pressure of light particles from the sun striking the craft’s eight triangular sails. It has no definite aim to reach a particular target, as the organization just wants to prove the efficiency of the technology.

The craft would be carrying no fuel on board, as weight is a crucial factor in the success of the mission. The technology is aimed at future exploration missions where scientists would require crafts to travel between planets in our solar system. And probably someday, the technology would be advanced enough to send astronauts to space with limitless possibilities.

Louis Friedman, the executive director of the Planetary Society in Pasadena, California said in a statement: “This is the only technology known that could lead to practical interstellar flight. But before that, the idea of going back and forth between the planets without having to carry fuel is a very efficient idea.”

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