Corbis launches GreenLight Music platform

Corbis is known as a project started by Bill Gates long time ago for image licensing.

The company is expanding into music licensing as they have just launched a new service named GreenLight Music.

Corbis launches GreenLight Music platform

They have already collaborated with all the major music labels and have more than a million songs for licensing available.

The company said:

We offer two ways to get a license to a song quickly and easily at competitive prices: Make an offer and Get it now. When you choose a song that fits your needs and budget from our extensive library, our innovative price guidance tool will help you make a savvy offer. Or, if you’re in a hurry, you can choose from our preapproved, prepriced Get it now selection and purchase the license immediately. Our licensing experts at GreenLight Music make it easy for you to get clearance for the song you need at the price you want.

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