Conquer Online New Update on Jan 7th Expands Awakening of the Monk

The Conquer Online ( team has promised to deliver the next expansion, Awakening of the Monk, on Jan 7th, 2016. Since the Monk was released in 2008, its area of effect, tank attribute, and high melee damage received an overall positive reception in the world of Conquer. There will be an exclusive epic weapon, Divine Pillar and three epic skills for the Monk in this update.

Check out the video for introductions to the new Epic Weapon and skills!

It is said in the Western Fairland, only the Monk who penetrates the deepest essence of Buddhism can obtain the Epic Weapon, Divine Pillar. After finishing some challenging quests, monks are able to upgrade their Beads to the Epic Weapon. Monks equipped with the Epic Weapon will cause higher damage than those using the normal Beads. Get a closer look into the Epic Weapon. A wild dragon swirls around the weapon, symbolizing its power and strength! It looks firm, sharp and inviolable!

Furthermore, there are three epic skills for the Divine Pillar, Infernal Echo, Grace of Heaven and Wrath of the Emperor. Infernal Echo is an active skill exclusive for Monks equipped with 2 Epic Weapons. Strike the ground with the Divine Pillar to randomly summon holy pillars around the castor, inflicting continuous normal damage on the target. Grace of Heaven is a passive skill exclusive for Monks also equipped with 2 Epic Weapons which increases the Maximum Stamina. Wrath of the Emperor is the other passive skill exclusive for Monks equipped with an Epic Weapon which deals normal damage on the targets within a certain range.

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