Conan to stay on TBS for another two years

Conan O’Brien has confirmed that he has extended his deal with TBS.

Conan to stay on TBS for another two years

This means that the show Conan would run on the TBS network for another two years.

The updated agreement is applicable till April 2014.

Conan spoke about extending his partnership with TBS:

I am excited to continue my run with TBS because they have been fantastic partners. This means I’ll be taping episodes of ‘Conan’ well into the Ron Paul presidency (hah!).

(emphasis is mine!)

TBS had this to say:

We are proud to be in business with Conan O’Brien for the long run. Night after night, Conan and his team have put together terrific shows that draw a young and fiercely loyal audience. As if that weren’t enough, they have also built a dynamic online presence that keeps fans engaged like no other show in late night.

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