Cisco and Microsoft to collaborate on software products

Cisco and Microsoft to collaborate on software products

Network equipment maker Cisco has announced that they are collaborating with the world’s largest software maker Microsoft. The two companies would be working together to create a package of communications tools geared for businesses.

Cisco is basically interested in this deal with Microsoft to diversify their businesses. The company is already a global giant when it comes to networking hardware. Now, they can expand their services in the software market to serve their clients with support from Microsoft.

Cisco would be launching this new product series called “Cisco Unified Communications” system that will integrate voice, data and video products and applications. The package contains as many as 30 products. Most of these are enhanced versions of existing products but there are some new applications bundled too.

Three of these new applications include:
• The Cisco Unified Presence Server
• The Cisco Unified Client
• The Cisco Unified Customer Interaction Analyzer

Microsoft would also be working with Cisco to integrate Microsoft Office Communicator 2005 and Microsoft Office Live Communications technologies with Cisco’s Unified Communications System.

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