Cingular offering Motorola Slvr loaded with Apple iTunes

Cingular offering Motorola Slvr loaded with Apple iTunes

US based mobile service provider Cingular has announced that they are now offering on sale the recently launched Motorola Slvr mobile phone, which comes preloaded with the Apple iTunes application to play digital music on the phone itself.

The Slvr is a phone inspired by the fabulous Moto Razr series of mobile phones and is the second such product to come preloaded with Apple iTunes application. Rokr is already available for sale in the country through Cingular and is one of the best selling phones in the country.

Cingular also sells the first iteration of the Motorola phone, Rokr that came preloaded with Apple iTunes application. However, the product was a huge disappointment considering it did not match up to the expectations of the Apple fans.

Motorola was disappointed by the way Apple marketed the product and has now more or less severed their relationship with the Macintosh maker. Their future plans are to incorporate their recently announced iRadio technology in the upcoming mobile phones.

iRadio would enable the mobile owners to subscribe and listen to satellite radio stations on their mobile phones in addition to stored digital media. Cingular is charging customers who sign up for a two-year contract $199.99 for the Motorola Slvr phone. They also have an exclusive right to selling this phone in the country in the near future.

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