China postpones space mission to 2008

China postpones space mission to 2008

Chinese space agency has revealed that they are somewhat postponing their third manned space mission by around six months to 2008. This would give their scientists extra time to prepare a safe spacesuit to enable the astronauts to conduct a space walk.

They had earlier planned to launch this special mission to space in 2007. No dates were revealed in the media however. China had however said that the mission would be manned by three astronauts and includes a spacewalk. This would be their first attempt at spacewalking and probably they need more time to prepare for it.

Huang Chunping, chief consultant for China’s manned launching vehicle system was quoted in the media saying: “There is nothing wrong. We just need more time to prepare for the mission.” He also mentioned that their might be more delays if the scientists are not able to prepare the suitable spacesuits for achieving the goals of conducting a space walk.

China has already completed two successful space missions and became only the third country to do so after Russia (former USSR) and USA.

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