China cracking down spam mails and mobile advertisements

China cracking down spam mails and mobile advertisements

The world’s second largest internet market China has announced their plans to crack down spamming and sms spam networks. The government agencies have confirmed that they are taking steps to control junk e-mail and “illegal” mobile phone text messages.

China is preparing to establish a new regulation, which would ban sending e-mail for advertising purposes to people without their permission. In addition, all such mails would be required to have titles including indicative title like “advertisement” or “AD”.

They also have plans to make sure that people register their mobile with their real names and also crack down sending of advertisement and spam sms messages. However, they have not released many details on what kind of messages would be considered as ads or spam.

Market statistics claim that an average Chinese customer received an average of 16.8 pieces of junk e-mail a week from August 2004 to April 2005. It would be interesting to see if these efforts work as nicely as their restrictions on internet access in the country.

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