China based Geely Automobile Company to launch CK model in US

China based Geely Automobile Company to launch CK model in US

For the first time ever, a Chinese automobile manufacturer displayed their vehicles at the Detroit Automobile Show in the United States. In fact, Geely Automobile Company has plans to launch their under-$10,000 sedan, the CK in this competitive market by 2008. This would be for the first time that a Chinese company would be selling their cars in the US market.

Their car CK is going to be a squat, five-seat compact sedan, which happens to be their flagship model in the Chinese market as well. They could have launched it much earlier but the company faced problems with meeting the U.S. safety and emissions standards. They are now expected to take around 18 months to fulfill all the requirements and launch the vehicle here in America.

Geely is hoping to be another Asian success in this market where the Japanese automobile makers like Honda, Toyota, and Nissan have done incredibly well. Even the South Korean automobile manufacturer Hyundai has had massive success in the US market. They plan to start slow and add further refinements to suit the requirement of their American customers.

Interestingly, Geely is one of the few Chinese automobile manufacturers to be totally independent of both the Chinese government and foreign partner companies. It would be interesting to see how typical US based customers react to this Chinese auto company.

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