IBM deploys Cell processor in their servers

IBM deploys Cell processor in their servers

US based tech giants and one of the three developers of the Cell processor IBM has decided to implement the processor in their server range of products. IBM developed this new processor in collaboration with Sony and Toshiba and it is expected to see a mega launch via Sony Playstation 3 gaming console later this year.

IBM plans to target the servers based on the power Cell technology to the defense, medical and entertainment industries. It is expected to see a launch in a new line of “blade” servers, which are relatively thin chunks of circuitry designed to perform specialized computing tasks.

Tim Dougherty, IBM’s director of blade-center strategy spoke about these upcoming server products: “It’s not going to be a general-purpose computer. But for certain things, it is incredible, and it will make orders of magnitude difference.”

The three companies claim that Cell is a game-changing “supercomputer on a chip” because of its unusual design, which includes an IBM Power processor helped by eight additional processors working together.

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