CBS to sell episodes of Survivor online

CBS to sell episodes of Survivor online

US based television studio CBS has announced their plans to bring new episodes of their hit reality series Survivor for sale on their website This would be first for a network television company and can result in a wider launch at a later stage with more content available.

CBS recently split from its parent company Viacom and has been working hard on luring in new customers. A lot of consumers are now moving beyond television for entertainment viewing. Internet and portable digital players are becoming more and more popular and offer portability.

The popularity of Apple iPod and iPod Video has shown that there is a market for selling digital video content on the internet and CBS now want to cash this phenomenon. CBS has already collaborated with search engine giant Google to sell top rated shows including “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation” on Google Inc. video service. In addition, these shows are also available on Comcast Corp.’s on-demand system.

Users would be able to download the latest episodes of the series shortly after midnight following the airing of new episodes on TV. It would work for 24 hours after downloading.

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