Domino’s Pizza Celebrates Navratri with an all-Vegetarian Menu

“164 Domino’s Pizza restaurants across the country to serve 100% vegetarian food during Navratri”

Underlining its undying commitment to offer its consumer greater choice and freedom, India’s largest Pizza delivery chain, Domino’s Pizza, today announced a special treat for pizza lovers for the on-going Navratri season. The country’s most loved Pizza brand announced serving 100% Vegetarian menu across selected 164 of its restaurants in India.

Customizing the menu to suit the consumers’ preferences during Navratras, select Domino’s Pizza restaurants across Maharashtra, Delhi, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh will offer a 100% Vegetarian menu to give consumers the freedom to enjoy their pizzas without any inhibitions .The restaurants have been selected based on the profile of consumers in the catchment areas of that restaurant.

Announcing the initiative, Mr. Ajay Kaul, Chief Executive Officer, Jubilant FoodWorks Limited, said,“Navratras mark the beginning of the festive and feasting season in India and we thought that it would only be fitting that consumers had greater options and freedom to enjoy their favourite food with their families during Navratras.However, we have observed over time that some consumers postpone their eating out plans during the Navratras following certain traditional beliefs. We understand and respect their values and this small initiative of ours is aimed at giving them the freedom to satiate their taste buds while fully adhering to their customs and beliefs.”

“We hope that the 100% Vegetarian menu at the se selected restaurants, will allow more families to enjoy the festival season in its true spirit,” he added.

As part of this industry-first initiative by any pizza chain, these 164 restaurants will serve fully vegetarian menu from the 13th of October to 21st of October, 2015. Consumers can now dine-in at these restaurants or place an order for the 100% Vegetarian menu through mobile app, online and over phone.

Tata Trusts Supports Microcredit Initiative To Fight Poverty

Tata Trusts Supports Microcredit Initiative To Fight Poverty

~Access to low-cost credit needs of India’s under-served population~

Tata Trusts has extended its support for a period of four years to India’s pioneering Internet-driven peer-to-peer micro-lending platform, Rang De. This initiative aims to offer affordable micro-credit solutions to nearly a quarter of a million families, over the next five years. They will be given access to improved livelihoods, education, health and sanitation facilities. During the first year, Rang De will scale up the team and increase their crowd-funding network with an additional 12,000 social investors. Tata Trusts has been involved in multiple sectors related to socio-economic development in the country.

Mr. Ganesh Neelam, Development Manager, Tata Trusts, said, “The concept of leveraging technology to deliver low cost, community based solutions is a path-breaking concept. Tata Trusts is working towards bringing this idea to life through the microcredit initiative. Since our partnership fuels entrepreneurship at the very grass-root level in the country, we are confident that this will make a difference to the social sector. It will help improve livelihoods, education, health and sanitation facilities, through affordable solutions.”

Ramakrishna NK, Co-founder and CEO, Rang De said, “We are very excited and grateful to have Tata Trusts guidance and support in our mission to fight poverty in India. We plan to do this by bringing over 100 corporates and 1.5 lakh new socially conscious Indians to play the role of social investors over the next five years. We are expanding our team and inviting stellar professionals across technology, marketing and communications to power our growth.”

One simple setting change can solve your Google Chrome’s memory consumption problem…

Recent builds of Google Chrome comes with a super useful flag option named Tab Discarding. It basically discard tabs that have not been accessed in a while. The tab still exists in the browser but the content is no longer accessing your system’s resources. The tab is reloaded as soon as you click on it removing the need to continuously closing tabs you are not using but might need in near future.

There is one major problem with this of course… It might cause issues on tabs which have dynamic content or you are working on a draft in it as the refresh might result in data loss. I have personally not experienced this as the tabs that are discarded are quite old and I am usually not working on them actively.

The flag can be accessed by entering this URL in Chrome’s omnibox:


I recently upgraded by RAM from 8GB to 16GB because Chrome had become painful to use on 8GB RAM. But due to some conflicts resulting in BSODs, I had to go back to 8GB RAM configuration on my PC. This flag option has pretty much removed the need to double my system’s RAM. Though I do miss not having access to 16GB RAM in Windows 10.

Azim Premji University holds its third convocation – Awards Masters’ Degrees in Education and Development

The Azim Premji University held its third convocation ceremony on 5 September 2015 at Bangalore. Mr. Azim Premji, Chancellor of the University conferred degrees on the third batch of 220 students. The students, who were conferred with the degrees today, are already working with various social sector organizations across the country, having completed the program in May 2015

Established in 2010, the Azim Premji University is founded and sponsored by Azim Premji Foundation. The University is a philanthropic, not- for profit institution with a clear social purpose, of contributing towards a just, humane, equitable and sustainable society. For this the University is focused on offering programs and conducting research in Education and related areas of Human Development.

In addition to the two post graduate programs in Education and Development, from July 2015 the University also started offering a post graduate program in Public Policy & Governance and an Undergraduate program. The masters programs have multiple specializations e.g. in Curriculum and Pedagogy, Early-childhood-education, Education Management, Health and Nutrition, Law & Governance, Livelihoods, Public Policy and Sustainability. The Undergraduate program currently offers majors in Physics, Biology, Humanities and Economics. As of now, the University has around 780 students and over 220 faculty and staff.

The University is deeply committed to diversity and to offering equal opportunity to students from disadvantaged backgrounds: around 50% of students at the university come from rural areas and small towns of India, over 50% of the students are women and around 50% of the students are offered financial support by the University.

The University also engages significantly with capacity enhancement of professionals working in the fields of education and other fields such as health and rural development. Over 100 in-service programmes have been conducted since inception. Most of these programs have been focussed on professionals working in public systems.

The University is sponsored by the Azim Premji Foundation which has been working very closely with the Government school systems of Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Puducherry, Rajasthan and Uttarakhand since 2001. This work spans all dimensions relevant for improvement in quality and equity in the government schooling systems e.g. capacity development of teachers, of head teachers & other functionaries, curriculum improvement, assessment reform, pre-service teacher education, policy issues etc.

For media queries contact:
Salma:; Mobile + 919986014466

GIA’s Globally Recognised Graduate Diamonds Diploma Programme Debuts in Hyderabad

World-class gemmology education for industry professionals

GIA will offer its internationally recognised Graduate Diamonds (GD) Diploma programme in Hyderabad, a major consumer market for gems and jewellery and home to many well-known jewellery brands. The seven week programme commences on August 20, 2015 and will be taught by experienced instructors. The course allows professionals and aspiring professionals from the South India, an easy access to world-class gemmology education.

The GD programme combines theory and hands-on practical learning to teach students the GIA-created 4Cs (Colour, Cut, Clarity and Carat weight) of diamond quality and how to grade diamonds in the D-Z colour range. Students will learn how to use gemmological instruments to grade and identify diamonds; how to detect synthetics, treatments, simulants and fracture-filled diamonds; and how to confidently speak the language of diamonds to suppliers, vendors and customers.

In addition to classroom lessons, GIA facilitates hands-on learning through regular market visits – such as manufacturing facilities and retail houses – to gain an understanding of day-to-day business. Students have a unique opportunity to experience the journey of a diamond from mine to market.

The Institute conducts its GD programme in cities throughout India, including Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Surat and Jaipur. GIA, the global leader in gem and jewellery education, also offers courses on diamonds, coloured stones, pearls, merchandising, jewellery design, retail and more. The Institute conducts regular corporate seminars on jewellery-related topics across 60 cities in India.

For more details about GIA in India, call 09500044181or toll free no – 1800 102 1566 or visit, email

Google Hangouts getting an updated invitation system for communication through phone numbers

Google developers are rolling out an update on their Hangouts mobile app that improves the invitation system based on verified phone numbers for connecting people.

Google Talk originally required a Google account for allowing conversations between two/multiple parties. But with Hangouts, you can connect with your friends and family using your phone number as well.

Twitter announces their native app for Windows 10

Microsoft has released Windows 10 as a free upgrade in more than hundred countries today. While folks around the world are still getting the update in a phased manner, Twitter has announced the release of their official app optimized for Windows 10 machines.

The company said:

The new Twitter for Windows 10 is a Universal Windows Application that gives you instant access to top Tweets, photos and videos without requiring a login. You’ll also see Tweets right out of the box in live tiles from the Start menu.


Twitter Live Tiles
Multiple photo Tweets — upload up to four photos per Tweet
Animated GIFs
Vine playback
Tweets with photos, Vine videos and other select content now show a preview in your home timeline
Share photos privately in Direct Messages

A whole new Twitter for Windows | Twitter Blogs

Google Photos on Android now feature improved album management

Google announced earlier this week that they are shutting down Google+ Photos platform to focus entirely on the recently launched Google Photos ecosystem.

This did not impress the users of Google Photos as the app still lack a lot of features that were present in Google+ Photos and even Picasa Web.

Anyways, the good news is that the Google Photos app for Android has received an update today that comes with a bunch of new functionality.

Users get more options to manage their albums and add description to their photos.

Basic changelog:

– Change cover photos on your albums
– Add and remove photos from an album from the same screen
– Add, edit, and view descriptions for individual photos
– Tap-and-hold a date header to select all photos from that day
– Pull down anytime to exit search
– Bug fixes and performance improvements

Google Photos for Android – now with improved album management We’re releasing…

Flickr launches a brand new Flickr Pro with not so interesting benefits

Flickr today relaunched their paid Flickr Pro plans with additional features. This new plan is automatically applicable on existing Pro account users.

New benefits:

New and improved stats, including improved navigation for viewing data on your photos, providing better insight on your most popular and impactful photos.
Ad-free experience (both on your own photos and when viewing everyone else’s photos)
Pro badge highlighted on your account
20% discount on Adobe Creative Cloud Photography plan for yearly subscribers*
Free standard U.S. shipping on Flickr merchandise or 50% off international shipping ($25 minimum purchase)*
*Only for annual Flickr Pro plan

Costing: USD 5.99 per month or USD 49.99 per year

Flickr Pro Stats view - EN

The company said:

For Flickr members who have existing Pro accounts, you will automatically be upgraded to the new Pro and keep your existing pricing and unlimited space (additional details available here). Existing Flickr Ad-Free account holders will be automatically upgraded to the new Flickr Pro with no change in price or renewal date.

Hey there, Flickr Pro, nice to see you again! | Flickr Blog

Bitly is now offering only 500 branded URLs on free accounts

Bitly has announced that they are limiting the number of branded URLs on free accounts to just 500 links per month.

This limit was much higher until now. The company said in a note:

For 99% of our personal users, 500 branded Bitlinks each month is more than enough for their efforts. If you need to create more than 500 branded Bitlinks each month, please contact us about upgrading you to one of our commercial packages.

If you cross the limit, newer links would use the default branding for the rest of the month.