BSNL vs. Bharti TouchTel

BSNL practically runs the entire country’s telephone network so to hope that they can compete on technology and services with private operators (who can choose their area of operations on the basis of profitability and convenience) is not exactly fair. But still they disappoint me. I just got to see more examples of such in competency.

BSNL guys decided that they will get the telephone network underground in my area. So what do I get to see? The road sides were dug up which were filled later only when people in the colony complained after waiting for days. And today when they came to connect my house to their hub on the road side, they dug up 1 foot deep holes through the front lawn messing it up completely. They also break through the cemented verandah to make space for the wire. Now what is my problem with that? Well they are certainly not going to repair the damage to the cemented flooring. The lawn is easy to fix as they just have to drop in the mud back though grass will take its own time to grow up.

Comparing that to Bharti TouchTel connection I had back in Faridabad. Well, they took 3 days from the date I filled the form to get me my phone (BSNL took more than a week for a phone that was well reserved in advanced, considering it is a government official’s phone!). They did not dig up anything. All they did was very neatly got the wiring from their hub to my room without letting it loose or hanging anywhere in between using nails, plastic covering (for the folding joints) and clippings. And all this was done in 30 minutes flat. BSNL on the other hand installed the box last week, today they are digging and I am pretty sure they will take another week to get the internal wiring done so that the phone can be shifted to the underground network from the hanging wires one.

My only other problem with this arrangement is that… Now that the wiring is underground, how long will they take now to fix any problems if they occur! I know the record they have with the wires that are outside visible by eye!

EDIT: Yeah, they went away without telling me and they left the whole frontyard in a mess.

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